Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse:

  • (209) 558-2637 (local)
  • (800) 336-4316 (long distance)

Before you call...

When making a call to APS, you will need to provide some basic information so staff can investigate. The address or location of the victim is critical ‐ without this information, they cannot investigate.

Other helpful information include:

  • Name of Victim
  • Name of Abuser
  • Whether victim is an elder or dependent adult
  • The date and time of incident you witnessed
  • Was the abusive event committed by another person, or is it self inflicted/self neglect?
  • Are there other people who are aware of the abuse? (Family members, friends, etc.)

Please provide as much information as you are able. This will help the APS staff conduct a more thorough investigation.

All reports are confidential

Your name and information will not be given to the victim or the accused, and any personal information you provide will be kept private unless you tell APS staff it is OK to release it.

In the same way, report results are kept confidential to protect the victim of the suspected abuse. This means that you will not be updated on the status of the case, and cannot call and request the results of the investigation.

To report an incident of Elder Abuse call:

  • (209) 558-2637 (local)
  • (800) 336-4316 (long distance)

Elder Abuse — Spotting the Signs

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