Social Services Assistants

If you have never been paid through the IHSS program before, but are working (or will be working) for a Recipient on IHSS services please call 558-2637 to ask to sign up for an orientation.

If you have recently been hired as an IHSS Provider, and were referred through the Link2Care Registry, please call The Registry at (209) 558-1650. The Registry Specialist can help answer your questions about how many hours you should be working for your Recipient, and who you can contact for timecards and hire packet information.

If you were not hired through the registry, or need more information about how to get a timecard or hire packet, please contact a Social Services Assistant (SSA) at 558-2637.

Social Services Assistants (SSA)

Social Services Assistants work for IHSS to help Providers with issues directly affecting them. (Social Workers deal with issues affecting the IHSS Recipient)

SSA's can help you with:

  • Orientations
  • Background Checks
  • Time Sheets
  • Hiring Packets
  • W-2 and W-4 Information
  • Worker's Compensation Information
  • General IHSS Provider Questions

Social Services Assistants cannot help you with:

  • Caregiver Classes for the IHSS Registry
  • CPR Training
  • Become a Registry Provider

For Caregiver Classes, CPR Training, or to become a Registry Provider, please call Link2Care at (209) 558-1650.

Not sure who your SSA is? Call (209) 558-2637 and they will look it up for you.